PRO TIPSTER.EU is a subscription service, which will provide you with recommended 'lay bets' (tips) throughout the football season. We are group of bettors who are long in this job. We decided to open a site to assist in the selection of types. For types that set free every day, we do not respond. This is the only place where you can find best tips. We have a very good organization of people and reliable sources of games that have a great transience! Follow us and earn easy money! The main target of our site is to sell you very good football tips so you can make long term profit with a minimum risk. We specialise in the English Leagues, Spanish, France, Norway, etc…We provide lay bets because it increases the chance of winning. We have proven this over the past 8 years, reaping great financial returns. Our current strike rate is an exceptional 93%.A lay bet is when you bet against something happening. We usually bet against a team winning. This means, if the result is a draw or the team loses, then you win the bet. Two out of three of the outcomes are in your favour. All the best !!!

Lay Betting StrategyTo make healthy profits, PRO TIPSTER.EU recommends you create a 'starting bank' to use for the recommendations we provide.To earn good returns, we recommend a starting bank of $2000, but, of course, this can be more, or less.Once you have your bank in place, you need to decide your level of risk. At PRO TIPSTER.EU, we recommend a risk level of 5% and 10%. Your risk level will dictate how much stake you will risk on each recommendation.For example, at 5% of $2000, you would be placing a $100 bet on each tip, and at 10%, $200.

The Tipping ServiceWhen you join PRO TIPSTER.EU, you will receive an email confirmation and a welcome email.Our service specialises in providing lay recommendations (tips) in the English Leagues. We also follow the MLS in America and top leagues in Brazil, Norway, Spain, etc… to ensure you get tips all year round.On average, expect between 4-6 tips per week. We aim to provide this volume to ensure quality, value and accuracy. This is how we demonstrate over 85% of winners. Our current strike rate is 93%!From time to time, we may provide tips for other leagues and competitions. As a bonus, if we note increased value, we may also suggest alternative lays. E.g Lay Arsenal not to win the league or England not to win the World Cup.The recommendations (tips) will be emailed to your nominated account, at least 12 hours before the event, giving you plenty of time to place your bet.

PRO TIPSTER is not responsible for any loss, it is recommended that this service is being used solely as a tool for picking the right bets! Our suggestions at your own risk! Matches are based on our predictions and analyzes they are not connected with fixed matches!